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30 Nov-16

Ultimate Guide to a Perfect Wedding

So he popped the question!! And you said “Yes!!”?Congratulations!!!! 

In a few months time you would be beginning a beautiful journey as husband and wife, ultimately making your wedding day the most important day of your life. It is important that the best day of your life runs smoothly and is as you have always dreamt it would be. However, planning this day could be a lot of work and stressful. There are a lot of decisions to be made and a lot of things to do.

Here is a comprehensive list of things you would have to do to make your special day PERFECT!!!.

Pick a date and time

Once you let the world know you are engaged, the first question people would ask you is “So when’s the Big Day?”

Your wedding could be 2 months after your engagement or even a year. It is important to pick a date, so that you could plan things accordingly.

Get inspired

Now is the time to go through bridal magazines, Pinterest etc. to find the kind of wedding you desire. Is it a destination wedding or an outdoor wedding? You would love a beach wedding or would you prefer something simple with a limited number of guests? This is just to get a basic idea of what your Big Day would look like.

Plan a budget

Once you have a basic idea about the kind of wedding you want, you should determine exactly how much you are comfortable spending based on your savings and your family’s contribution. Hopefully, the kind of wedding you want. If not, come up with an alternative idea that would fit into your budget. Planning your monetary funds would help you prioritize the things that are most important.

It would be advisable to have a “rainy-day amount” in place, just in case the dress you love costs a little more than expected or the photographer is charging you Rs.5000 more than what you were hoping to spend.

Hire a wedding planner

Planning your own wedding would be fun, but can be very stressful as well, given your busy schedule. Sit back, relax and let the experts take care of coordinating the activities and make sure everything is in place.

Go ahead and read our blog on why you should hire a planner.

Compile guests list

Another important decision to be made would be the guest list. Getting the guests list sorted early on would be advisable, since it is time-consuming. The best way to start off would be to work through family members and close friends as a couple.

Choose your venue

Based on the kind of wedding you want, decide where you will tie the knot and if the ceremony and reception will take place in the same venue. If not, make sure you factor in travel time as well. Your venue should be spacious enough to accommodate your guests, hence having a basic idea of the number of people who would invite is necessary.

Wedding theme and colour

Once you have envisioned the kind of wedding you want and you have picked a suitable venue, it is time to choose a theme. Would you like a vintage themed wedding or a traditional wedding?

Once you know your theme, then it’s all about the colours. Having your wedding colour coordinated would be appealing and look more beautiful.


This is the first thing you would send out that would give your guests a glimpse of your wedding. Make sure your invites reflect your personality and your theme.

You are on a low budget? Save money by sending out e-invites rather than printing your invitation cards. It is important to send out invitations earlier so that you would have an idea of the number of people coming and plan accordingly.

Choosing the right vendors

Don’t cut corners and hire professional, licensed vendors. You will save yourself a lot of stress by hiring qualified people. Research and choose your caterer, photographer, decorator, DJ or the band you want playing at your wedding, your hair dresser and make-up artist. This is also where you can attempt to snag yourself a few deals. Make sure you talk to all your vendors and ensure that they are in the same page as you. Photographs and food are a huge, huge part of the day, so choose wisely. Contact all your vendors a day before the wedding and ensure everything is as planned.

Book an officiant

Ensure you book and officiant and plan the details of the ceremony with him/her.


This is one of the most exciting, yet most stressful parts of a wedding. You would want to look perfect, but finding that perfect outfit isn’t easy. So don’t leave it for the last minute. It is sensible to have an idea of the kind of outfit you would want and also short-list a few designers before you start shopping. Revisit your designer twice before the big day to ensure your dress is well fitted.

Spa treatment

Pamper yourself to a relaxing massage. The big day is nearly upon you and it’s time to unwind and bring out that inner glow.

All about being an amazing host

Being surrounded by your loving family and crazy friends when you exchange your vows makes the entire journey even more memorable. So it is vital to plan well so that your guests feel welcomed and enjoy your big day. This way you and your guests would be extremely contented and happy.

 Compose a timeline for your special day

It is important to compose a timeline for your wedding. When your makeup artists arrive, time for a photo shoot, ceremony duration, cake cutting, first dance etc. It is important to stick to the time line to avoid any delay and chaos.

Have a blast

All this planning and organising is to ensure that you have a blast at your wedding. So try not to check every detail – whether the centre pieces are placed the way you requested or if the napkins are folded the way you wanted. Instead, take a deep breath, focus your attention on your spouse and enjoy with the people who are there to celebrate your big day with you.