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23 Nov-16

All about being an amazing host

Being surrounded by your loving family and crazy friends when you exchange your vows makes the entire journey even more memorable.  Although you and your fiancé will be the stars on the big day, it is important to ensure that your guests feel comfortable and enjoy their time at your wedding. A few additions would make you an amazing host and would help you treat your near and dear ones to an amazing time.


A lot of your guests would be from out-of-town, so booking a spic and span, spacious hotel is an important part of your wedding planning. A nice lodging not only creates a good impression, but also makes your guests feel special and comfortable. Your guests should be given the information of the hotel and their allocated rooms’ way before they come into your city, to avoid chaos.

Another essential factor to be considered while choosing your accommodation is the distance between the hotel and the venue. Travelling long distances to get to the ceremony could be exhausting. Hence, ensure the accommodation is closer to your venue.

Welcome hamper

When your guests check in to their hotel after a long flight, there is nothing more welcoming that receiving a small treat. A basket of goodies that contain a few bottles of water, cookies or chocolates, tea and/or coffee bags, “must-see” places to visit in your city, any important information and a welcome note from the happy couple could make an unfamiliar place more comforting.

A day at the spa

With everyone’s hectic schedule, many of your guests might have rushed from their workplaces and traveled a long distance to get to your wedding. That could be very exhausting. A salon appointment would be a relief for your guests. It might seem unrealistic for most wedding budgets, so you can provide them with a list of recommended salons close to their place of stay, along with their welcome goodies. This would definitely be a nice gesture for the out-of-town guests.


Weddings all are about having fun for the happy couple as well as their guests. A pre-wedding party with your near and dear ones would be a great idea to help break the ice and make your guests feel more welcomed. This would also give you an opportunity to spend quality time with them.

Organising a few fun games or a photo booth or ice breakers would definitely help in engaging your friends and family during your special day and ensuring that your wedding will be one to remember.

Keep your youngest guests occupied

Many of your guests would be accompanied by young children who tend to get bored quickly. Keeping the kids occupied is a great way to ensure that both the kids and the parents have a great time at your wedding. A play area filled with board games, a game of I spy, soft toys and a snack bar should be fun and also helps in indulging the kids. You could hire a baby sitter or two to cater to them constantly. Make it more comfortable by throwing in few blankets and comfy bean bags for their inevitable naps.

Keeping up with the weather

Planning an outdoor wedding in the summer? Your guests will be dressed to kill in their suits or gowns. Provide them with wet towels and hand fans to keep them cool.

Weather man reported that it’s going to be a chilly night? Cashmere shawls are a great way to keep them warm. If shawls are out of your wedding budget, set up a fire pit that would keep them warm. This could be a great s’more burner as well. Oh! That would be a yummy idea!!

Tokens of gratitude

A shout out to all those amazing people who traveled miles to celebrate your big day would be a great way to end your day. Send your guests’ home with something special. Favours need not be expensive – the more personal and creative, the better!

Taking care of these tiny details can transform you from a normal wedding host to wonder-woman wedding host! Loaded with these ideas, plan your wedding to make it memorable to not just you but to all your guests!