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And wedding is a beautiful, once-in-a-lifetime affair. ‘Vida Weddings’ makes your day a joyous occasion and ensures you sit back and soak up memories that will last a lifetime.


Vida Weddings is a Chennai based company founded in 2014. Shruti Ravindran, the founder and creative head of Vida Weddings started this company with the sole aim of creating ‘the dream wedding experience’. The dynamic team at Vida Weddings brings out their best at every wedding by incorporating unique ideas while still preserving cultural traditions.


At Vida Weddings we customise your wedding to suit your need and budget. We believe in creating unique, unforgettable moments for you and your special half. Vida offers a range of services that can be customised. From thematic weddings to traditional wedding functions, we cater to it all!

Vida specialises in wedding services such as invitation designs, backdrop decoration, flower arrangements, DJ, choreographers and cake orders. Our flagship service includes a personalised wedding shopping experience for the bride and groom. The 2-day shopping experience will involve a personal accompaniment by our stylist to help you nail the perfect wedding look. We are also available online to help our NRI couples who come just in time for their wedding.


The moment the wedding gets fixed, the countdown begins. We understand that the pressure is on the bride and the groom these days to pull off a wedding that is not only classy, but also a wedding remembered by all.

Vida Weddings adds a personal touch to wedding planning and considers every event as a family event. This makes the planning even more close to the heart.


1. NRI Weddings
2. Traditional Weddings
3. Cross-cultural Weddings
4. Theme Weddings

Cheers to a happily ever after!